5 Key Strategies to help you drive your first content marketing campaign

So, all set to launch your first content marketing campaign?

Well, your answer may be “YES”, but are you sure that this three letter word completely justify all the efforts you need to put in drive your first campaign?

With the growing ubiquity of content marketing usage and development marketplace, around 91% of B2B respondents use content marketing as their major tool to pitch clients and drive the traffic in 2018.

According to a leading website, it’s evident that the scenario is changing and more & more startups are looking forward towards innovating newer content marketing strategies. For example, As per 2017 State of Creator Economy, the most common content types for B2C were:

  • Videos
  • Social media posts
  • Infographics
  • Interactive content (like quizzes etc).

And for B2B, it was:

  • Social media posts
  • Case studies
  • ebooks
  • Whitepapers
  • Short Videos (1 min)
  • Infographics and so on….

Being a startup, it becomes onerous to devise the very first content marketing plan. Formulating any strategy from scratch definitely asks for your time, effort and research. You need to outline your approach and plan very effectively to make it result oriented.

This blog covers strategies you’ll need to craft your first content marketing plan….Let’s get started.

1. Building the Right audience

You have a website, you have your services ready and the complete world is your audience. BUT, who is your targeted audience? Let me explain you with an example.

Let’s consider you are selling baby care products. So you would be targeting the mums-to-be, mothers, and pregnant women. Your focus will completely rely upon:

  • Females
  • Age group between 18–40 years
  • Parents

So, this is your targeted audience.

A combination of intelligent guesses and raw data will help you create the persona of your ideal audience. You need to be specific about age, gender, demographic locations, challenges, demand, and supply etc.

2. Road-map over Customer empathy

Now you know your audience, the next step is Research into their insights and read their minds.

Selling your products over your perception of business may fail sometimes. But if you are able to capture your audience’s mind, things turn in your favor drastically!!!

Prepare a map regarding what your ideal audience feels? What do they think? Their pains and what expectation they have regarding your product?

One of the best examples is “Personalization”: Coca Cola personalization campaign or “Share a coke” was a quirky initiative by Coca Cola Inc to connect with the young customers and boost their sales.

In this era, when teens followed social media more than TV or FM, this scheme actually worked as a way of expressing love and care for the people in different relationships. And unknowingly, by sharing the coke, people actually did a free marketing for the product.

So, churn up your brains and use this customer empathy map to generate out of the box ideas. Believe me, these ideas will not only be engaging but will be able to leverage more customer conversions.

3. Mapping your content to your buyer’s journey

“The buyer’s journey is nothing more than a series of questions that must be answered”

90% of the buyers generally don’t purchase out of whims. Rather they follow a systemic procedure which includes information gathering, exploring different products and final decision making.

Here is what your content marketing plan should work and for a successful working plan, you must understand a buyer’s journey which includes three steps:-

#1 Awareness: A buyer is made aware of a problem and the urgent need to solve that.

#2 Considerations: A buyer explores and evaluates offline and online marketplaces for a perfect solution.

#3 Decision: Now he makes his decision which product to buy.

You need to have the content plan for all three stages. For example, to make them aware of the problem you can use blogs, questionnaire, social media posts, 1-min videos etc.

You can use case studies, FAQ, data sheets etc for stage 2. Free-trials, live-demos, free-campaigns, deals/offers prove effective for decision-making stage.

4. Creating and Promoting Content

Now you have built the audience, created an empathy map and understood the buyer journey. It’s time to create some content… rather I should say effective and engaging content!!!

“Make your customer the hero of your stories”. This will make them feel you are reliable, trustworthy and credible.

Content is the backbone of your entire marketing plan. But before creating content make sure that:-

  • All the content follows same language and tone
  • The content must be 100% relevant to your audience
  • Content should be persuasive and should empathize with the customers.
  • Don’t go off track, as web readers are short of patience.

Go ahead, create blogs, FAQ, case studies, checklist etc depending on the stage of buyer’s journey.

So now, Your content is ready. What’s next??

Now, even an effective content is useless if it’s isn’t promoted well. You need to promote it aggressively. You can begin by sending emails, social media promotion, run paid ads etc.

5. Monitoring and Optimizing

Your plan may fail… Yes, but we all know failure is the key to success. There is no straight formula but you need to experiment and win.

Learn from your mistakes, no one is perfect. You need to constantly tweak your content strategies to make it successful which definitely is not a single day job, but a continuous recurring effort.

Monitor it, analyze it and optimize it, to get most favorable results. Adopting an agile methodology for your startup would be highly recommended for a result driven content marketing strategy.


Now you are prepared to get started…

This has been a lot of conversation. But remember! The things have just begun. Success in content marketing is a perfect blend of your creativity, time, effort, dedication and research. From grabbing the right audience to exploring new tools for effective marketing campaigns, should be on your next to-do list.

Still Failing?? Discuss today your content marketing plan with Vivirhub. Our inbound marketing professionals will let you know where you are lacking an effort and how can you improve it to generate more traffic organically.

Always remember that “Traditional marketing talks at people, content marketing talks with people” !!!

Are your content strategies working and giving results?

Do share your experience with us.

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