Who is a Business Analyst?

When you are getting your website/app developed from an It company, you always start your communication with a person called “Business Analyst” (It happens mostly). You share all your business needs, requirements, your future plans, and the desired output from your website/app and discuss lots of other things with that person. But have you ever come across questions such as Who is really a Business Analyst? What they do and what are their roles & responsibilities in your software development? ….No, You haven’t? Okie…Let’s see what they actually do and why they are important for your project.

If you go to the wedding planner and want them to arrange all the things such as location, decoration, food & catering, lighting, vehicles etc…. The wedding planner would ask questions like – What is your total budget? What type of wedding do you want? How many gatherings will be there? Whether you want vegetarian food or non-vegetarian or both?  etc. The wedding planner would write down all the details and make plans on which you both will agree. Once you give your approval the wedding planner would contact different vendors and arrange all the things and will take care of small to big things throughout the wedding and will make sure everything is going according to your expected way as they discussed initially. You will see some problems during the whole process or you want to change the color scheme of decoration, flowers, etc. then you will communicate with the planner and get it done immediately.

Just like a wedding planner at a wedding, A business analyst acts the same in your software development process. The business analyst takes all the responsibilities from talking to the stakeholders to the development team so that he can gather and understand all the requirements,  required things to get the work done, and monitor all the activities throughout the software development phase.

A Business Analyst Should Have These Qualifications:

#. Technical

  • He should have Technical computer knowledge.
  • We should know the complex modeling techniques to gather the requirements.
  • Should able to know about technical writing.

#. Analytical

  • He must be details oriented.
  • Should able to do the planning, clear documentation, requirement analysis, and management techniques.
  • It can evaluate profitability and risk.
  • We should perform end-user testing, task verification, and other validation techniques.

#. Business

  • Should able to have a business-oriented vision throughout the project.
  • Can give inputs in the Improvement of business and engineering processes.
  • It can involve in the strategic planning.
  • I can do business writing.

#. Management

  • Know all the basic fundamentals of project management.
  • They should be able to handle all kinds of customers and their needs.
  • Time management & personal organization skills
  • He must be able to take decision on his own and be a part of the decision making process.

#. Communication

  • This is an important part of a business analyst’s life. He must be able to communicate the technical information to non-technical people and should make them understand.
  • Opposite to above, he must communicate all the business information (non-technical) to all technical people such as designers & programmers.
  • Should be able to do the negotiation with stakeholders.

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