Case Study

On-Demand Beauty Professional & Referral Based Marketplace

The Pain

Common markeplace for various beauty professionals

The pain was to solve the problem of finding different beauty professionals under single roof by creating a referral business model. The need was to design & develop a common marketplace for various beauty professionals.

E-commerce Platform

Along with showing services offered by beauty professionals, another concern was to create a system which allows them to add their products and sell them in the same profile.

Technology Stack

The customer was not sure as to whether they should choose a scalable platform and which platform to start with, whether to use a framework for development etc. They had not done any web & mobile-enable of their systems earlier and were looking to start the engagement with web consultation in order to help them make the right decision and to start with, so they came to Vivirhub seeking the right solution.

Referral business model

This is the USP of this business, Through this marketplace client wanted to create a referral based system which allow both beauty business owners, independent professional and customers to earn money as commission for referring each other

Split Payment Gateway

The main revenue source was to receive commission of the sell of each product and booking for service. Vivirhub needed to create the functionality for Split payment among all the 3 users, e.g. Beauty service providers, Customers & Business owners.

on demand_case study

The Challenges

Most frequent questions and answers

How to manage multiple users

This was one big challenge we’ve faced. As we are going to have multiple user;  Beauty service providers, Customers & Business owners, it was quiet difficult to create and manage large number of beauty service providers and customers at a single place and create a eco-system which allow them to sell their services and products

Referral Module

It was important to create different identity of each user on this platform to run the referral module so that the system can identify each user and process the earned commission of referring each other and given them earned money

Make balance between service & products

The another challenge was to create a common platform for service providers where they can sell services and products separately

Our Solution

Vivirhub started the engagement by understanding what the beauty service providers and customers will accomplish through this platform. As part of consultation, we gathered the required data to then carry out a feasibility study and do a Proof of-Concept for both the users

Our goal was 2-folded

to create a clean and minimalist marketplace for independent beauty professionals, Salon owners and customer so that they can connect with each other easily and earn commission by referring other customers to each other, and for company to develop a standalone platform where  customers can sell services and products

Technology Stack

Vivirhub recommended going in for a web application that would be compatible with various desktop browsers and also mobile compatible.We used PHP- Larvel framework to build this platform, we designed and developed frontend and backend, also developed master admin panel to keep track of everything

Process and Engagement Model

BRC was developed by a dedicated team using agile methodology. The client came up with an idea and presented his clear vision. Vivirhub was involved in both the design and development of this marketplace, moreover we are designing & developing a native mobile app

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Our created solution has provided BRC and its customers – with several key benefits like

For Beauty Professionals

  • Free business listing & Personalized business profile
  • Perfect for both freelance beauty professionals and salon owners.
  • Minimizes marketing costs because your happy customers spread the word for you.
  • Appointment booking software is included to make the process seamlessly easy.

For Customers

  • Search & Explore multiple service providers.
  • Get paid commission for making the referral you once gave away for free.
  • Become an important marketer for your favorite salon or beauty professional.
  • Support local, independent businesses that provide a great service.

Vision of the Founder

Most referral programs are too gimmicky. Your 6th appointment gets you 50% off, for example. Where’s the motivation in that? There are always strings attached. We wanted to create a referral program that cuts those strings and is immediately rewarding

- Eric, CEO

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